Photo of 2nd Graders Play I-Spy

2nd Graders Play I-Spy


The project incorporates many tech skills as well as many literacy skills into a fun project they children loved. The parents and teachers also loved sharing their students work.


The project was planned with the tech teacher, the media specialist, the librarian and the classroom teachers. We read several I Spy books in library and in the classrooms. The children were asked to bring in 10 small fun items for their project. They made their self portrait avatars in Kid Pix and they were uploaded to Voice Thread by the tech teacher. In the computer lab they composed their project on their favorite color of construction paper, took digital pictures and then added their writing. They learned to log in and add their voice to th! eir project. They viewed the projects of all 4 classes of 2nd grade and circled the items as asked. They commented with text or voice, if they wanted to.


The objectives were to extend their reading and writing skills using technology.

Easy Parts

The easiest part was inspiring the children! They were so enthusiastic all through the project.


The hardest part was making sure all work was completed by those who were absent during parts of the project.


Digital cameras and digital camera card readers, Kid Pix application.


  • Keep old cameras or request working digital cameras from parents to make up a bank of digital cameras to use with tech classes. Have the cameras in the media center and available to be checked out by teachers and students.
  • Make self portrait avatars with Kid Pix and upload to voice thread.
  • Make a common password to use with young children.
  • Username - first name and last initial


  • Projects with other schools - we do a year long weather project.
  • Response to book - We tried “My Teacher Sleeps in School” with digital pictures of the classroom on which the children drew their teacher.
  • Virtual field trip to famous landmarks in another classes town. Children spoke about their own and commented on the other schools.